CS:GO gambling

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CS card fights:GO is very popular among bettors. And not only for regular bookmakers, but also for people who have just begun to discover the fascinating world of betting. In order for the bet to bring a significant profit, users must carefully monitor the tournaments, try to understand the logic and strategy of a particular team and its individual players. How to learn how to correctly gambling on CS:GO, we will understand in this article.

Types of bets on CS:GO

It is always fascinating to follow card fights. But in order to add spice to the viewing of the match, it is enough to put money on its result and get a reward if your favorite wins. Today, existing bookmakers offer a wide variety of bets on CS GO. Their essence is quite simple: two teams of five gamers play with each other on maps. A normal match lasts 16 rounds: 8 for the terrorists and the same number for the counter-terrorists. At the same time, there are different formats of meetings, but most often they are playoffs up to two wins (bo3) and Grand finals-up to three wins (bo5).
The simplest type of bets is on the winning team. To do this, just select your favorite (the strongest group) and place a bet on CS GO. Depending on the platform on which the bet is made and before gambling CS: GO, you should consider the following additional options:

  • Is ACE present in the match?
  • which player will make the first entry frag?
  • Are there additional rounds available?
  • Which group will take the most points in the rounds?
  • Who will be the champion of IEM Katowice 2019?

Thus, gambling on CS GO is quite simple and not difficult even for a beginner. Next, we’ll figure out how to choose the right event to bet on CS: GO.

Tips for choosing an event

Before placing bets on CS: GO, it is recommended to read a few simple but useful tips that will especially help novice betters:

  1. Before you start csgo gambling, you should watch several matches of the necessary teams
  2. Don’t lose sight of the results of face-to-face meetings
  3. View the tournament grid of possible opponents (this may affect how a group of gamers will distribute their forces during a crucial meeting)
  4. Before you bet on CS GO, also study the types of cards that also affect the outcome of the tournament, since some groups of players are more successful on some cards and less successful on others.
  5. Before start csgo gambling pay attention to the composition of the group (who dropped out, and who, on the contrary, came to the team, whether there are newcomers)
  6. Subscribe to the Twitter page of teams and participants. Very often in social networks, publishes important news, details of matches, etc.

In addition to the above recommendations, before you start csgo gambling and get a real monetary reward, watch online broadcasts on YouTube or Twitch.tv. This will allow you to get better acquainted with the strategy of gamers, their motivation and other points.

Why put live?

Today, most bookmakers offer to gambling on CS GO right during the meeting of gamers. At the same time, experienced bettors make bets in Live mode. Such transactions have a number of advantages:

  • first, good odds are possible as the game progresses.
  • secondly, online battles are a very exciting sight.
  • third, BC immediately change the odds on the winning group’s victory during the team’s match, up to-1.20 — 1.33. and knowing the team and the potential of the losers, you can bet on CS GO, take advantage of the handicap for-1.65 — 1.85.

During battle views (for example, on Twich channels), the necessary information is updated in real time, so the betterer can quickly navigate. In many BC gambling  CS GO is possible from one ruble, which is especially convenient for beginners.